Snowsports Club

St. Andrews Snowsports maintains very strong links with our Alumni. We have a large group chat that is administered by the Vice-President to keep in touch with alumni of all ages. Each year we host an alumni weekend which is packed with fun events for current members to get to know our alumni. We also look forward to welcoming them to our annual Snowball next year.


The enthusiasm and energy of SAS members isn’t just prominent on the slopes. Every week we treat members of our society to socials, catering for everyone and anyone looking for a good time and a perfect escape from deadlines. Despite socials being a weekly occurrence, we have a tendency to spice things up- whether this be with the decision to promote a quirky theme or stray from the usual dance and disco tunes and pass the aux to some of the town’s funkiest DJ’s. Our social reps are committed to ensuring everyone has fun at all times and aren’t scared of a good old boogie. The scale and the popularity of the club helps provoke the atmospheric nature of SAS socials, as members come together looking for good vibes only. It’s no secret, here in St Andrews, that both the SAS committee and its fun-loving members have a good time.

Charity Fundraising

St. Andrews Snowsports hosts numerous fundraising events throughout the year. We host individual evening events with ticketed entry year round. The highlight of these events is our annual Snowball which takes place in second semester. Further to this, on our annual ski trip we have options for donations to charities on our booking page as well as doing collections for charity on the final day of the trip. For the past three years we have also taken part in the Sports Stripped calendar which is sold to raise money for charity. Additionally, in previous years we have passed on a percentage of our sales from our club merchandise to charity and is something we are considering again for this year.

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